Paper Engineering: Company

Design, construction and installation of industrial plants for starch processing for making paper and corrugated cardboard
Although recently established, the Paper Engineering counts among its ranks design engineers who can boast thirty years of experience in the design, production, installation and maintenance of industrial plants dedicated to starch processing for the production both starch solutions and glue.

We are suppliers of the main international groups present on the Italian territory.

The main feature of our solutions is the high technological content, which allows our systems to implement features that are not present in the others products available in the market. Research and innovation have always been our guidelines that allow us to make our systems more and more efficient.

Each installation offers suggestions to us for improvement that give rise to a new process of analysis, research, design and modeling. The new features developed in this way are then implemented and validated on a new plant.

In addition to the performance and the reliability, for which we do not accept compromise, our research is also always oriented to the identification of improvement areas, in order to costs reduction, without reducing our quality standards.

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5250 Solkan - Nova Gorica
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Phone: +386 82 880089
Our products
Starch jet cooker CLEVER 3000
Clever 3000 is an integrated system for starch paste production. It is able to use any type of starch and it is equipped to measure and control concentration of both slurry and starch paste
Proper is an integrated system that improves the glue production for corrugated cardboard
Shelf is an integrated system for starch paste production, by enzymatic conversion of native (natural) starch. It is equipped to measure and control concentration of both slurry and starch paste